Saturday, 6 July 2013

Buffet all the Way: The Beauty of Preparing Food in Advance

Restaurateurs and party hosts are quite aware of the various reasons why, in some cases, preparing food upon order just won’t work. One such reason is that a small crew of chefs might find it difficult to prepare enough meals within a reasonable amount of time to satisfy numerous guests. For instance, it can be difficult to attend to the needs of every demanding diner when there are dozens of others still waiting for their orders to arrive.

The concept of the buffet was born out of this necessity. It’s a system of serving food where the dishes are prepared beforehand and then laid out on a long table where diners can put as much food as they want on their plates. This system also allows guests to return for seconds or even thirds without having to wait for food to arrive.

The beauty of buffet service is that patrons can help themselves to food in a more relaxed setup. Diners are simply called to take their own plates and utensils, then allowed to pick from the array of dishes laid out before them. All the waitstaff needs to do is to collect used utensils and plates, as well as refill emptying buffet bowls and trays. Serving food can be quite a chore, but setting up a buffet can save substantial time and effort, all while indulging the appetites of very hungry guests.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Why It Is Important to Invest in Quality Equipment for Your Kitchen

The proof of the pudding is in the eating—so goes the popular idiomatic expression that goes all the way back to Medieval times. Even the least complicated recipe, when executed properly, can be considered a true culinary gem. Yet aside from the right recipe and technique, one must also use proper kitchen equipment.

When it comes to commercial food preparation, the types of tools used can make all the difference between mediocrity and superior quality. After all, if you can't achieve the right cooking temperature or optimum mixer speed, it can be hard to arrive at the desired outcome. As such, chefs and even amateur cooks know that it is crucial to invest in durable and reliable kitchen equipment.

Running a restaurant when you've got substandard equipment is like performing a lab experiment with defective or badly worn implements. You're only inviting disaster, and you're likely to leave your customers downright dissatisfied. So if you're looking to replace an old oven, an inefficient freezer, or whatnot, you might want to source replacement equipment from reputable vendors.

Whether you're a Michelin three-star chef or a simple home cook who loves to host great dinner parties, you certainly won't regret investing in quality and world-class kitchen tools and appliances. That said, it also to pays to choose your vendor carefully.