Monday, 30 September 2013

Let's Talk About Kitchen Equipment

As we all know, food industry is one of the most aggressive industry today. Merely because food is one of our primary needs. Just like an air to breathe, we need food to give us energy. When you roam around the city, restaurants and food stalls are pretty much everywhere. Moreover, there are catering businesses that are rendering services for events like birthday parties. But the continuous rise of this industry are causing environmental problems. According to an article published in, big numbers of food stalls and restaurants could mean a huge demand for equipment to produce more dishes. And more demand for these could mean a massive emission of green house gases which could harm the atmosphere. That's why it's really suggestive to take the good advantage of using energy-saving kitchen equipment for cooking, like the ones that are offered by National Kitchen Equipment. It would not only minimize carbon emission, but the expenses as well.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Choosing Durable Catering Equipment Tips

If you have a knack for cooking and for hosting large parties, it may be worthwhile to explore the idea of starting your own catering business. To flourish in this new venture, you will need a vast network of clients that can assure you a steady flow of jobs. You also need a high-performing van that allows you to take your delicious meals on the road without hitting a snag.

You naturally can’t do without durable catering equipment that can stand heavy wear and tear. There’s no point in purchasing a set of elegant-looking chafing dishes that easily break apart the moment you hit a bump on the road. Without durable catering equipment, it will prove rather difficult to transport your scrumptious culinary creations to any destination, which can ultimately prove detrimental to your business.

The possibility of is not the only thing you have to consider when selecting durable catering equipment. You also need to take into account how well the equipment can withstand adverse weather conditions, particularly if you’ve got an outdoor catering event. As such, it is certainly advisable to obtain your cooking and catering equipment from reputable suppliers that offer a wide range of products at reasonable prices. 

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Choosing Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Those who are setting up a commercial kitchen for the first time and are looking into buying the right kitchen equipment may wish to consider the following tips:

Oven – the right oven for commercial purposes can be either gas or electric. The main advantage of gas ovens is that you can turn the heat on and off quickly, whereas electric ovens take a longer time to heat up. However, gas ovens need more ventilation because, unlike electric ovens, they emit carbon monoxide. Likewise, gas ovens emit more secondary heat than electric ovens, which is another reason why gas ovens need more ventilation.

Refrigeration – the main purpose of refrigerators is to remove heat from an area. Heavier duty refrigerators can remove more heat, and one with a remote condenser can take away much of the heat from a larger area. Smaller areas may be served by a single unit refrigerator with its own compressor and condenser.

Range – just as with ovens, the right range may also either be gas or electric, but gas ranges are preferred because they heat up much more quickly than electric ranges. In setting up your gas range, you need to comply with local codes on safety and environment regulations. Most codes require a ventilation hood for areas over open flames.