Saturday, 14 September 2013

Choosing Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Those who are setting up a commercial kitchen for the first time and are looking into buying the right kitchen equipment may wish to consider the following tips:

Oven – the right oven for commercial purposes can be either gas or electric. The main advantage of gas ovens is that you can turn the heat on and off quickly, whereas electric ovens take a longer time to heat up. However, gas ovens need more ventilation because, unlike electric ovens, they emit carbon monoxide. Likewise, gas ovens emit more secondary heat than electric ovens, which is another reason why gas ovens need more ventilation.

Refrigeration – the main purpose of refrigerators is to remove heat from an area. Heavier duty refrigerators can remove more heat, and one with a remote condenser can take away much of the heat from a larger area. Smaller areas may be served by a single unit refrigerator with its own compressor and condenser.

Range – just as with ovens, the right range may also either be gas or electric, but gas ranges are preferred because they heat up much more quickly than electric ranges. In setting up your gas range, you need to comply with local codes on safety and environment regulations. Most codes require a ventilation hood for areas over open flames. 


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