Saturday, 3 August 2013

On the Rising Popularity of Street Food

The street food craze that has been sweeping many areas of the United States is quickly taking over the cities of Australia as well. The city governments of Adelaide and Sydney, in particular, have commissioned several food carts and food vans that offer unique options to traditional take-out foods. In addition to this, the varied menus dished out by street food vendors are giving everyone a chance to sample a wide array of cuisines and flavors

The most popular street food in Australia is the “sausage sizzle', which consists of a sausage or steak served on a slice of bread, then topped with cheese, onions, and various condiments. Greek food such as kebabs and souvlakis are all the rage in Melbourne, while ethnic and vegetarian foods are finding their ways onto the streets of Sydney, Brisbane, and Adelaide.

The emergence of street food in Australia has also given would-be restaurateurs, who might not have the right resources to set up a standard dining establishment, an opportunity to present and sell their culinary creations to the public. One of the primary considerations of a street food operator is the kind of kitchen equipment they would need to prepare their food. Some of the most common equipment used by street food vendors include flat top grills and fryers, which should ideally run on propane rather than electricity. Mobility, as well as the size of the vehicle, should be considered when a street food operator shops around for the right kitchen equipment.


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