Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Cook Up a Storm: Start Your Own Catering Business

If you love camping out in the kitchen and have been complimented on your cooking a few times too many, you might just be cut out for the catering business. But a passion for all things culinary, including food preparation and presentation, is not the only thing you need to succeed in a catering venture. Remember these tips while you give this catering idea some thought:

Starting small is the way to go, especially since startup costs for this kind of enterprise can be high. Try home-based catering first and start with small, private functions to test the waters. (Better yet, get a relative to hire you.) This way, you are not required to hire a lot of people, nor prepare a ton of food that may or may not be palatable to guests.

Get the necessary permits and equipment. Operating from the confines of your kitchen may still require you to get a license, depending on your location. Likewise, do not forget to stock up on equipment that will make your preparation easier and safer. When clients are already seeking out your services and word of mouth has given your business a boost, it is time to expand.

Finally, always be mindful of food safety regulations. Make sure you are following your area’s rules to the letter. Ensure that the quality of service you provide is also on par with industry standards.


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