Friday, 7 June 2013

Keep Your Restaurant Competitive with the Right Commercial Kitchen Equipment

According to Nielsen's 2013 Restaurant Growth Index, tougher competition—particularly the opening of 47,161 new restaurants—can account for the apparent 7 percent drop in per-restaurant sales in 2012. In any case, the U.S. restaurant industry is certainly still a lucrative one, with overall sales of $472.4 billion last year. This industry also provides employment to more than 13 million people,making it the largest private sector employer.

The best thing about the restaurant business is that there's somehow always room for growth. After all, there will always be demand for food. Competition may be intense, but with a good business sense and proper day-to-day management, any budding restaurateur can succeed despite all odds.

If you want to start a restaurant, the first thing you have to think about is its identity. What type of cuisine will you focus on? Do you want to follow the norm, or would you rather come up with your own concept? This will all be factored into your business plan.

You also need to identify the right commercial kitchen equipment for your restaurant. These items may be more expensive than household implements, but keep in mind that they are designed to withstand heavy use. By choosing wisely, you can avoid unnecesary breakage and costly repairs for a long time. Likewise, you can ensure optimum food quality and be on a par with the best in the industry.


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